Trees reaching upwards

Trees reaching up
Trees reaching up
Frosted trees
Frosted trees

A few days ago I took some pictures outside and noticed how the top of one of our ash trees looks like hands reaching to the sky. Yesterday when I was taking pictures in the frosty morning, I took the same picture of the same tree with the frost on it, it was just a little farther away. Just showing! Maybe I am looking a little more closely at my devotions since Lent started, but it almost seems to me that nature itself is reaching upward in a shout of halleluiah!

Psalm 121: 1 “I lift up my eyes to the hills from where does my help come, my help comes from the Lord.” In this case perhaps the eyes are lifted a bit higher than the hills, but the meaning is the same, our help comes from the Lord if we are willing to look in that direction. Have a great day!!


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