Cutting board mounted

Glass cutting board
Glass cutting board

I received this glass cutting board from Victoria for Christmas at least two years ago. It has been stored safely in its box in my hutch since it was unwrapped. What a waste of a gift. Of course I have always felt it was too pretty to cut on and since I hate the thought of using it and breaking it, I kept it under wraps. Finally, last week, I decided as part of my cleaning out and decluttering frenzy for Lent, it had to come out of the hutch. I am guessing cleaning and sorting the entire hutch will end up on my “to do” list sometime before Easter. So, I was in the process of calling James to stop at the hardware store for some clips to mount this on the wall. In the meantime, I decided to check if we had any. I kept thinking this would involve a drill and lots of male effort. James told me he simply turns the screws into the wall. Lo and behold before he could get from the school to the hardware store, I had found the clips needed in the old tool box and had the cutting board on the wall as a nifty sort of back splash. It is located right beside the standing mixer, and seeing it up makes me want to do more cooking and baking. I am sort of thinking that I should find a few more for the rest of the wall space. Of course I won’t be running out to purchase any more. This may be a next year project. For now, I will be happy just to clean out my mess one little corner at a time.


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