Indoor plants galore

Indoor plants in the basement.
Indoor plants in the basement.

Some of my indoor plants in the basement are barely hanging on. I have been checking them at least twice a week to make sure they have plenty of water, but it is the light that they are crying for. I was considering getting them a special growing light, but I actually like to give them a break in the winter. Sadly they look like they have had more than a break, they look like they are ready to cash it in, and I think a few might find their way to the compost bin before spring hits. On the other hand a few do look like they have wintered well and will be ready for the sunshine of spring and summer, though I will be sure to introduce them more gradually this year so the winds of our springs don’t rip them to shreds the way they did last spring.

In the meantime, I see from this picture it really is time to go through this room and sort and remove items that really don’t add to the atmosphere or serve a purpose. I am really going to have to go through all of my possessions in this basement and let go of some of them. For now, though I will keep my focus in the main part of the house so that I have room to keep the things that I really want to keep. I have been pretty excited about some of my sorting and removing. I will have to post more of that as the season goes. Those posts will be seen here or on one of my other sites (lucindalines or lucindacrafts)¬†depending on the category of what I dispose of. I am thinking that the frog Jessica gave me last night that is featured on my lines site today will be a nice partner to some houseplant in the future.


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