Sunrise March 1

Sunrise on March 1.
Sunrise on March 1.

I decided to put the sunrise picture on this site this month. In February, I missed the first of the month, and ended it up putting it on the lucindalines site on Feb. 2. I took this with Paulina’s small Cannon camera, which is just right for me. I tried taking some pictures with her bigger Cannon with the 300 zoom lens, but because she had it on some unfamiliar setting, which ok, I could look and reset it, but I don’t think that far, I ended up with some pretty strange-looking pictures as you can see below.


Similar picture taken on an unknown setting.
Similar picture taken on an unknown setting.

I had actually planned to take part of today off and maybe sleep in a bit. Fat chance of that happening in my life. I wake up around 6 a.m. or 7 a.m. and even sometimes at 5 a.m., and I am so awake there is no turning over and “sleeping in.” The other part of the equation is that I am forever taking the smart cards out of the cameras to down load the pictures for the blog then forgetting to return them to the camera. The entire first set of pictures was taken without a card, and so they are no where, they never happened. This is all part of doing things in a hurry without plans or thinking things through. For the rest of the day, I am going to be reading or just preparing for the services tomorrow night so I don’t end up in a frazzled mess. In the meantime, enjoy the photos of today.

The garden with a light dusting of snow.
The garden with a light dusting of snow.

I also have a shot of the garden. It was so warm on Saturday that it could have given people thoughts of garden work. Those thoughts were rearranged by Monday when the cold air returned and this morning we woke to a very light dusting of snow. Hurrah for winter never-ending. Note that with a thumbs down tone of voice.

I am hoping to post the message from Sunday on Lucindalines and an update of the works in progress on lucindacrafts, but not so sure how far I will get. A few chapters of Job are calling my name to prepare for tomorrow’s Bible Study group. Take care and enjoy your first day of March!!


One thought on “Sunrise March 1

  1. Beautiful sunrise photo. I can’t see the sunrise from our house, and I do miss that, as we had a grandstand view of the winter sunrise when we lived in Aberdeen.

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