Time outside

Plants ready for a trimming.
Plants ready for a trimming.
A day in the sun
A day in the sun

I have these pictures in reverse order of what they should be. The one on the right is when we took the geraniums and a couple of others outside for a trim job and to give them a little sunshine. I started by putting all of the little solar light decorations into an empty pot that had wintered outside. Next I took off all of the dead or near dead leaves. In some cases some of the new growth broke off, so I stuck all of them into the terracotta colored pot in the front after I removed the dead plant from it. I trimmed off all the dried up leaves from the spike, and cut back the plethora of strings from the fern plant. Sadly when we went to put them away yesterday before we headed to the movie, the nicest of the geraniums in the far right planter in the back was bleached nearly white. Yikes a bit too much sun all at one time. hopefully with a few more days of a little bit of sun, they will all be feeling like it is spring time and new growth time. As for the movie and the trip to Bismarck to pick up Ana, you will have to cruise over to the lucindalines site to learn more about that. For now, happy spring getting ready for gardening time.


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