The geese are back it must be spring

Geese on the lake and in flight
Geese on the lake and in flight

We have been hearing the noise for a few days and even a week ago, I saw some of the first flocks of Canadian geese over head, but nothing like today. Today they are all coming in droves even the snows. Today it is like the air version of a major old fashioned cattle drive. The geese are coming up the middle of the country in more than mere flocks, these are mega flocks. It isn’t hundreds, this is thousands coming today. Of course the temperature was at 72 degrees Fahrenheit when we were sitting outside so it is no wonder. All of that and some of the lakes are still frozen over, though give it another day or two and that will be over. The edges are open and so are a few spots here and there. The geese are really looking more for open water in order to land, but they have been stopping by a few lakes on their way. We stopped after church for Paulina to take these shots on the lake beside Eureka. It was filled and more were coming in as you can see from the rest of the pictures.

Swirling geese
Swirling geese

This picture to the right is a shot Paulina took into the middle of the swirl. They were landing and taking off and dipping and rising, and it was just amazing! It was also quite loud. One of these days, I will have to figure out the video and get one posted so you can see the whole thing. I don’t promise that it will be anytime soon.

A few just sitting on the ice near the center of the lake.
A few just sitting on the ice near the center of the lake.

I am not sure if there is a peninsula or just a high spot in the lake, but this was a spot where a few were hanging out all by themselves for a bit. Paulina tried to zoom in on them here.

Later I tried to get some pictures near our house in Herreid close to Spring Creek. I caught these four in flight. I suspect these are the geese that stay here for the summer. It is nice to hear their sounds in the morning and then again at sunset.

Evening flight!
Evening flight!

Sorry about how dark that picture is. Paulina always uses some setting that lets her take these amazing pictures then when I use the camera on the same setting, I get pictures that are either dark or washed out or something strange. Anyway, I am sure that we are now in the midst of spring. We even took the lawn furniture out onto the concrete and soaked up some Vitamin D. I guess the next proof of spring will be a week from tomorrow when track practice starts. That day we will probably get hit by a freak snow storm knowing how things go around here. For now we will just sit back and enjoy! Have a good one!!


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