Be careful out there!

My coat sleeve after the fall.
My coat sleeve after the fall.

What a gorgeous day outside. I took some time to hang some things on the line and spend part of the day outside with my granddaughter, Ana. I also learned the importance of real shoes. I was wearing my garden crocks and not really watching where I was going other than trying to avoid the dog poop that is everywhere in both yards from the hunters last fall. I slipped on a slightly muddy patch and before I knew what was happening, I was on the ground. Interesting, I had just been thinking that I should change out of my tight new exercise pants into some jeans before we headed up town to get the mail. Needless to say, I ended up changing out of everything and nearly had to take a shower as a result of my fall. I was just lucky to avoid the dog dodo.

The swing set.
The swing set.

Ana loved the day outside. I didn’t take any pictures of her playing because I was too lazy to go inside and get the camera. She spent most of the time hanging out on the swing set that I took a picture of when she was sleeping. She wants nothing to do with getting on any of them, just hanging out touching them. We tried to put her in the yellow swing on Sunday, but she wasn’t having it. Today I told her that was for David and she nodded yes, which is what she does to almost anything you say. She has mastered the words grandma and grandpa and knows how to use them when she wants something. Not much else today, just hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine.


One thought on “Be careful out there!

  1. I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself! Lovely photos of your Ana on your other posts, and also I really liked the one about the geese. It’s a beautiful spring day here in Glasgow today.

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