Mid March little sprouts

Tulips coming up.
Tulips poking through.
Irises and Hollyhocks coming up.
Irises and Hollyhocks coming up.

Here we are in the middle of March and there are tulips and irises and rhubarb sticking their new little selves above the ground. It rained here again last night, so that was a wonderful plus. I just need to remember not to walk around in the wet areas with slippery shoes.


In the Bismarck/Mandan area there was a large grass fire yesterday. The news reports noted they were hoping for some rain, but none had fallen there yet. We are really not so far from them, but lucky that we are getting moisture sporadically which helps to keep the fire danger index a little bit lower than what it could be with as dry as the winter was and all the brown grass in the area.

I have been looking at the empty garden thinking that I should have started some peppers and some tomatoes. I have a feeling that I will even though we said no gardening. Just looking at the rhubarb, I realize there will always be some form of something to pick and clean and use for food.  We have been planning to put in potatoes and maybe as long as I drop off the really intensive items like lettuce, and give up the ones that really don’t get eaten here, then maybe a couple of tomato and pepper and bean plants won’t be so bad. I really, really, intend to do 50-60 percent into flowers this year. It was a great butterfly attractor last year. Enough of this. I do have some new posts on lucindalines and lucindacrafts today. hope you stop by. And have a great, Ides of March.


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