Gardens in early April

Irises in their new bed.
Irises in their new bed.

A couple of days ago I snapped some pictures of the little garden on the east of the car shed driveway. We created this garden by digging out the grass at the edge of the driveway and moving it to a pathway that we have been trying to get to grass over for years. The point of the garden was to find a better place for the tulips and the irises. This new location has the sun from the east and the south and the west, so bulbs can come up sooner.


Tulips left behind
Tulips left behind

The trick is that I was positive I had moved all of the old tulips two years ago. I didn’t notice more than one or two strays left behind last year. Not the case this year. They have come back in two old spots. I guess the joke is on me.

The picture to the right is the tulips coming up in the area of the clematis and between two spirea bushes. This area barely gets any light and when the bushes start blooming, it is worse. I am surprised the tulips have survived at all. I suspect we will be doing more digging and moving this year, though the new garden seems to be full, which might mean a completely new spot for tulips needs to be found. Oh such a dilemma. Ha!!

Willow tree in front of my house.
Willow tree in front of my house.

I noticed yesterday when I went out to take this picture of the willow tree that many of the early spring bushes are beginning to bud. This is scary considering how cool our nights have been. I set out a geranium that I had over wintered in the basement, and because I forgot to bring it inside during the night, I have killed it. Oh well, some of my geraniums were working on 10 years old and really don’t look so great anymore. I need to be more willing to trim. Maybe this summer. This is all I know from the garden today. I should be posting on the other sites (lucindalines and lucindacrafts) later. Have a great day!!


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