Birthday gifts for the garden!!


Today was my birthday and two of the gifts that I received were wonderful additions to the lights in my garden. This set of frogs (the green ones standing up) was from my Aunt Glenda and I am looking forward to how they light up. As you can see they join a few other frogs in the flower garden. There are even more scattered here and there in the garden, on the porch and even in the house. Hopefully they were outside long enough today to show off tonight. Hmmm, I am wondering if I turned the switch to on. I bet you can guess where I am heading as soon as this is posted.

Taller flower on the right is the new one.
Taller flower on the right is the new one.

The yellow  flower was a gift was from my husband, James, and I suspect Paulina helped in picking it out. She gave me the pink one beside it a couple of years ago. Somehow we lost the bottom part of the stick. I may have to see about getting a replacement for that. It looks a little odd beside the new one.

James also bought me a massage stick which I have been trying out on my calves. Paulina gave me a set of Peanuts characters. For pictures and more on that, check out my post on lucindalines.

Not much else to add here except that we just can’t seem to shake the cold temperatures this spring. Every time it even looks warm outside the air and the wind are biting cold. We are supposed to be heading to a junior high track and field meet tomorrow. I am not sure if I need to bring my winter coat, or if a warm jacket will do. I am even thinking of leggings under my jeans. It makes for a miserable bus ride, but worth it when standing outside trying to watch the athletes all day. Not much else for now. Have a great week!!


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