Earth Day pictures


This morning in church we had a power point of nature, animal, etc… pictures. I have a few that I have not ever used here before so I will share them here now. The first is a group of pelicans floating in Baumgartner lake just north of Strasburg. I took this picture last Wednesday as we were coming home from track practice. I also took the one that is posted on lucindalines. The other one is of a lake with a few geese floating around.

IMG_5719The ladies in church loved the slide I created of my zinnias. I like the one that has the bee on it. What amazed them was that I grew those zinnias. I can grow them no problem, but have found out that my rose plant did not make the winter. I don’t remember too many roses surviving winter around here. I think I had much better luck in Jamestown. I wonder if it was because we had better snow cover. I will seriously think about using one of those Styrofoam covers if I try a rose again this year. Well, not much else to report. Have a great week!!!


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