Another rainy day

Rain gauge 4-28-16
Rain gauge 4-28-16

I went outside to check the rain gauge, this is what I found after a few days. I can’t remember if I dumped it on Sunday or Saturday. James is forever claiming that the gauge is off. He has also said on occasion that either the birds or the cats are

I am almost afraid to post something like this for fear the rain will stop. It has been fairly dry here all winter and the rains are much needed. It would, though, be nice to have a bit more heat with the rain. I hesitate to mention that either as we don’t need super hot weather with storms that build up to hail and tornadoes. To quote a favorite character (Roseannadanna) of a favorite actress (Gilda Radner), “It just goes to show, it is always something.” Ha!!

I laughed as I wrote that above, but I feel much more somber now after looking up the correct spelling for the names . I knew Gilda died of ovarian cancer, but after reading of it more in depth, I am sombered. And I am keeping that word even if the spell checker thinks I made it up. In fact, I hope that I did.

Fern peony and old tulips!
Fern peony and old tulips!

So, on to the pictures and stories of today. It is not raining here at this time. We are scheduled for a track meet later in the day, but I will be surprised if it happens. The temperature is quite cool and there is really no sense in getting someone injured on a damp track that tends to be slippery on a good day. James and I talked this morning about slipping during the hurdle race and pulling something because you were straining anyway and now the ground basically gives out because you have no grip. But other coaches don’t feel that way, and will be pushing to get on with it to have a chance to compete. We will see. Oh, I hear that we are off for today. Now maybe I can do some other things around home instead of set up the meet on the computer.

View of the clematis from the top
View of the clematis from the top, also a few tulips in the bottom!! Thought I moved them.

In the meantime, I have stuck a few of the garden pictures into the post to let you know how my flowers are growing. I  don’t plan to plant a full vegetable garden this year. We need to clear out the freezer and the cellar before we try adding anything new. I will plant a few items from seed just for the taste of fresh produce over the summer, and then if any tomatoes grow as volunteers after we till up the ground, far be it from me to stop them. I wonder how that will go. Let you know in a couple of months. For now take care, stay dry and happy gardening!!



3 thoughts on “Another rainy day

  1. Rain truly is such a blessing. This past week we have had snow and hail along with the rain. But I think the young plants and the lambs are doing okay.

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  2. We are having a few sprinkles here in Phoenix today. The weather has been very pleasant, but, we have had uncharacteristically high winds almost everyday! It is definitely NOT cold, although people out here think it is! See you in two weeks!😊

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