Gorgeous Sunday

Little bird in the willow tree.
Little bird in the willow tree.
Hop a long bunny.
Hop-along the bunny.

Gorgeous is the only way to describe the weather today.


After we finally came home from church after stopping to eat and out to the Care Center to have some pie at their pie and ice cream social fund-raiser, I was able to spend some time on the porch. I took Paulina’s camera out with the 300 zoom lens and waited for the birds to sit in the willow tree, and mostly for the bunny to come out from under the lilac bushes in my mother’s yard. The bunny was my favorite picture. The bird is ok, but not as fun to watch. Prior to sitting on the porch, I cleaned out the lily bed and the peonies. I am not totally finished with either, but at least the old, dead leaves have been cleared away so the little shoots can see the sun and grow a bit stronger. I will get more pictures to share later. For now, this is all. It was my start for the gardening year, and my shoulders are feeling the fact that I was leaning on my arms as I was reaching and pulling. I really advise never letting your core muscles go lax. Those can hold you up rather than depending on your arms for everything. O the wonders of growing older and more stubborn and out of shape. I don’t think it is the age nearly as much as the other two. This is all I know for now, Happy Gardening to you!!


One thought on “Gorgeous Sunday

  1. Everything has certainly greened up out there. I do love the rabbit picture. Guess I’ll be mowing when I get home. Winter has finally left us. Cactus are in bloom here, along with all the other beautiful flowers. What a perfect time of year!

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