Rainy Monday

Lily bed cleaned out.
Lily bed cleaned out. The peony bed is in the distance.

One of the Carpenters most famous songs was, “Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down.” Today is another rainy Monday and I am about ready for some sunshine. Yes we need the rain and should not be complaining, but a few days off now and then would allow for more planting and some mowing and such.

Rain on the concrete this morning
Rain on the concrete this morning

Again, I should not complain, we took advantage of the day yesterday and James mowed while I cleaned out a few of the flower beds. I really need to cut them down better in the fall. I always leave everything on the plants as cover for winter. It might be ok to cut it off, clean it out and put a cover on that is easier to remove without damaging young fragile shoots. I ended up breaking off on of the lilies when I started pulling out the leaves yesterday. After that episode, I became very gentle and erred on the side of leaving some of the debris behind so as not to damage the plants. I am hoping that with a bit more sunshine the plants will become stronger and I can dig out the rest of the old leaves. Some of the compost is nice, but too much is just a breeding ground for decay and disease.

Enough for now, I need to head to track practice, though I was hoping to stay home and nurse my sore throat, which I picked up this weekend. For more on that check out the lucindalines site. We were out and about again. Take care and stay dry!!


2 thoughts on “Rainy Monday

    1. Wow, thanks! I started it when my other blog filled up. I finally bit the bullet and paid for the extra room. Thanks again for following, now I feel like I better up grade my content. Ha!!


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