Orange tulips
Orange tulips

This week the tulips are opening in the area. My favorite are the two orange ones that opened in front of the clematis. I thought that I had moved these and the place that I have moved them two has nothing. I am really enjoying these. I will post a few more pictures of this one on the lucindalines site.

Tulips and more
Tulips and more

I also took some pictures of the purple and yellow tulips in the front area. They are thin also and if anyone has any suggestions on what to feed these tulips, I would be happy to put something on them. I am wondering if compost might help, but I am thinking that maybe something a little stronger might be in line for them. I did a rather wide shot on these and you can see the fern peony and the other peonies in the background.

Glenda's tulip
Glenda’s tulip

On last tulip is one I found at my aunt’s place. This poor little thing looked so lonely the day that I was over there I just had to take a picture of it. I should go over and take some of the weeds away, but I haven’t even taken the weeds away at my place. Actually we haven’t been home long enough to barely water the plants in the house let alone weed the flower beds. Well, in about 21 days track will be over then we will see how much time we have. For now it has been one meet after another. Happy gardening to you all.




3 thoughts on “Tulips

  1. That poor little tulip! It does need some tender loving care! I will be there on the 15th and then I will attend to things! See you all soon! Hopefully there will be an uber driver around!😊

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