Garden planting 2016

Growing milk!!
As Carson says, “Growing milk!!”

This year we had agreed not to plant a garden, but instead we decided there was no way we could go without at least the taste of a few fresh vegetables this summer. So, I broke down and picked up four jalapeño peppers and two sets of four tomato plants. One set is cherry tomatoes and the other is some kind of big and beefy tomatoes. I don’t think there will be enough to do any canning, but this year, we wanted to see what it would be like to have a little more free time and a bit less garden time. Funny, but putting those few items into the garden tonight was almost more tiring than when we put in 50 plants. Of course, I was probably tired out from running the hand tiller through a major part of the garden. I have a feeling my arms will be sore tomorrow.

Little bunny
Little bunny

Anyway, James tilled up the garden last fall and then we let it go this spring. Of course lots of weeds grew, but so did quite a few zinnias. Well, tonight when he used the big tiller, we decided to go around some of the zinnias and because of it, I had to do some hand tilling, hopefully it will all work out. I also want to put in some snow peas and a couple of rows of beans and carrots. Oh yes, we also bought a few small bags of seed potatoes, but that is it. There will be no corn, no lettuce, no beets, no onions and no cabbage this year, but maybe a few cucumbers for slicers. Yes, there will have to be some cucumbers, but James said absolutely no zucchini. I wonder if he will notice if I just sneak in one or two plants. So, this is my effort at cutting back on the garden. I have saved lots of flower seeds from last year, so those will have to fill in the open spots. I just hope that if the little bunny above gets hungry there is something in the area that will taste better than the bean sprouts. One year I had to replant the beans three times to get any. Well this is how my garden is doing. How about yours. I would love to hear what you have growing so far this spring.


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