More garden updates


I was going to post a picture of planting the rose bush yesterday, but it is so dark that I will take another one tomorrow and post it then. We are gone today to a track meet and so that is the reason for the delay. Besides, I am not sure how many fern peony pictures you want to see in a row, though I will add one below here in a bit. This picture was taken a few days ago when we had the threat of a major killing frost. I was so concerned about this poor asparagus that I cut it off thinking we would cook it up. After I go it inside, I realized it was way too large and all woody. I am not sure I should be growing this plant as I don’t understand when or how or what to do with it. This particular plant is already four years old and we have not harvested anything from it. Any tips would be more than welcome.

Fern peony about to bloom
Fern peony about to bloom

I worked on the peonies a little yesterday. It was quite a trip putting the stands on them after I had let them get so tall already. I have one more stand than peonies so I think it is time to buy the white one that I really want. I also noticed that a few of them are getting to be oblong instead of round and so I think Victoria might be getting a transplant soon.


One last picture to share are the irises that I planted in their new spot two years ago. This year they are in full bloom and just beautiful. I was so excited to see them budding. In fact the funny part is that there are even some budding in the old spot. I guess it is a good idea to disturb them every now and then. Some how the weather must have been better this year too, though I think it might be time for some better soil to top off those iris and lily beds before next year. Well, enough for now, about time to pack up and head off to the meet. Hopefully the wind and sun cooperate for a great day of best times. James enters the athletes for the regional tomorrow, and we need a few times to look better. Oh well! Happy gardening to you all!!


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