Peonies and more flowers blooming

Peonies the white trellis has solar lights on, so neat to see that at night.

I see it really has been a long time since I posted anything. It has been crazy busy and that is my only excuse. I wish the busy had been in the garden, but that was certainly not the case. My sisters and I helped organize an All School Reunion for our high school. My husband and I and daughter, Paulina, also attended the Conference Annual Meeting for our church and there were a few other things thrown in between for good measure. It feels good to finally walk around the yard today and take a few pictures to share with the rest of you. I actually think that some I will share today are a few weeks old. The peonies for instance are already faded and drying up. I never did get time to pull the grass out of the middle of a couple of them. I was glad that I pulled what I did the day I put the round holders in place before they had grown too high this year.


Next are the clematis which are so pretty this year. I think that I will have to add a few strings for strength and some even for height. I just spent a bit of time unwinding a shade cord from one of the tendrils. I was afraid that I was going to have to cut part of it to get that cord back. Today is absolutely beautiful. It is about 70 degrees and there is just a slight breeze, though as soon as I hung out the flag it picked up. We had some really hot days last week, and I was not looking forward to that continuing. The rain on Saturday seemed to break that wave.

So, not much more for now. I plan to post a bit more on the lucindalines site and maybe even a little something on the lucindacrafts site, check them out and see what you find. Happy Gardening to you all!!


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