Latest work with the flowers

Ties for the morning glories
Ties for the morning glories

Today I tied up some twine for the morning glories to climb. Hopefully it will turn out as well as I have been imagining. I have wanted to fill this area with some hanging gutters, and I have several that I could use, but I don’t know how to go about filling the ends, and please don’t anyone send me any suggestions. I have read all of those ideas on Pinterest and I don’t even want to begin that convoluted process. It is way more than I can handle. Anyway, I am pretty excited about this set up and I am hoping that it words out.


I also did some extra ties for the clematis. It is already growing over the top of its area . I can’t believe what a difference it made in this clematis when I finally quit cutting it down every year. What a thing. I had no idea that they grow off the old growth. I did have to do a little pinching and pulling to separate some of the vines here this afternoon, they were totally on top of each other. Now it can spread out a bit more. There is growth of something on the bottom, and I am not quite sure what that is. I pulled  a volunteer ash tree. I am hoping the others are new clematis coming from the roots, but I am not holding my breath.

Moss roses
Moss roses

My other big accomplishment this week was the pan of moss roses that I put together a couple of days ago. I realize they should be in something deeper, but this is the best they get this year. The tree stump that I had been planting them in for the past three years finally rotted to the ground and James hauled it away with the branches from the dead Russian Olive tree. What a year. Well this is all I have for today, Happy Gardening to you all!!


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