Vegetable garden progress

View of the peppers.
View of the peppers.

This year the plan was to forgo the vegetable garden. Well that didn’t work out exactly as I had thought. We did plant potatoes in the back area. We couldn’t resist the peas climbing on the fence. The package of unused cucumber seeds kept begging to get into the ground so they got planted along with beans, (even one newly purchased package of purple beans-I can’t resist purple veges) beets and carrots.

The backside of the garden.
The backside of the garden.

The only thing I stuck to firmly was that I did not start any plants on my own as I normally do. But again that didn’t stop me from purchasing peppers and tomatoes to plant. I have four large tomatoes, one or two cherry sized and several romas. I guess we will be canning a bit. I am low on juice and tomato soup in the larder. The peppers are a few sweet bells and some jalapeños. No chili peppers this year. I suppose that means finishing off the dried ones from last season.

Mostly though we have these great volunteer zinnias. Yes guess again. It turns out what I saved when we tilled up the garden was not-in fact-zinnias. They are now three foot high sunflower plants. I put cosmos and zinnias in between things, so we shall see how this turns out. Just above is the view of the dill. I am thinking of cutting and freezing some to use in soups and such. It is so hard to try to pickle when the dill is well past its prime. Oh well. Paulina thinks that I should buy some carrots and pickle them. I do love how they taste when we throw a few into the pickles. Enough for now, Happy Gardening to you!!


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