The North edge flower garden

north edge
north edge

Many years ago we had a problem with mold in the basement. It was only on the northeast corner. It was really frustrating because when we moved and gutted this old house and set it on a brand new foundation we did everything right, or so we thought. First off we put drain tile around the bottom of the foundation. We painted this protective coating on the sides of the concrete frame (this was a poured concrete basement). Next we have gutters on every roof possible on this house. The corners of the house have something like 8 foot drain spouts to send the water away from the house. Finally, my husband put some black plastic on the ground next to the house and covered it with pea rock so no gardens there. After two years we had mold in the basement. One person told us to slope the rock or dirt or whatever we had next to the house so the water would drain away. Yet I couldn’t help but believe that pea rock no matter how you stack it will still let water seep through instead of running off. At some point you have to figure out how to absorb the water, and I was not interested in buying that many paper towel. Now let my gardening brain engage and figure out what will drink the water that isn’t draining away. I came up with the idea to plant some shrubs along the edge of that beautifully landscaped pea rock. I now have flowering shrubs, raspberries (I had one and didn’t know where to put it and stuck it there feeling pretty sure it would die) more raspberries and a few flowers. You can check out the picture above to see the results after about eight years or so of this garden. We had to do a little scrubbing to remove the mold, but so far it has only recurred on a really wet spring. I think the next step might be to replace the sheet rock in that area and use a better primer in that area when painting. Happy Gardening to you all!!


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