Lilies are blooming

First of the lilies to bloom
First of the lilies to bloom

The lilies have started to bloom, and I haven’t even cleaned them out yet. They need the grass and the creeping weeds pulled out between them and next they could use a bit of new soil, but as usual I am behind the wagon. As you can see the scarecrow is missing his pants. They fell off in the wind storm a few days ago, and I have not gotten around to put them back on. I should take that straw man into the house to fix him, but I dug the bamboo post into the ground and I don’t want to have to take the chance of breaking it by taking it out and digging it back in. I think this is the first year that the oriental lilies bloomed before the day lilies.


I started weeding the flower garden on the northeast side of the house this morning. I posted a picture of that area a couple of posts back. I didn’t quite finish that because of the wind, but I did pretty much get the rest of the north side cleaned out. It was cool enough this morning for me to need a jacket, but this afternoon we needed the air conditioner on again. At least the wind has slowed down. This morning we had to take the plants off the porch ledge. The geranium to the right is the last one I bought. It reminds me of my great-aunt Mandy. She always had her geraniums in pots with other plants and hardly ever had just plain geraniums, they were always a bit fancy like this one. She could grow flowers like no other. Some of my light pink peonies were from her. I also have a few lily of the valley plants from her. The area in front of her house used to be filled with them. Now the house is gone and so are all the flowers. Hard to drive past that area. Maybe she is swinging on a front porch in eternity in middle of that garden my mother talked about before she died. Sorry, didn’t mean to get weird on you, just wanted to show off the flowers.


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