Daylily opens

First daylily of 2016
First day lily of 2016

I believe at the beginning of the season, I mentioned in a post that the flower garden works in a continuous wave of blooms. There are the bulbs such as irises and tulips then peonies and daisies then lilies and hostas. The clematis and hollyhocks fit in the middle at some point and the Dianthus and the flowering shrubs are part of it too. We are now in the lily phase. I showed a little picture of the first oriental lilies a few posts back, but now the day lilies are starting to open. Usually they are first, and the nice part of them is they last for a long time. Last night as I was running around trying to get some pictures of the neighborhood Blue Jay (post on that found at lucindalines), I snapped a close up of the day-lily, which I am sharing here. I used Paulina’s camera and couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t take the picture. I always just use the automatic default setting, but she had it on some fancy place that blurred the background. I may have to learn more on how to use the camera better. I rather like how this setting made the flower stand out. I have another shot that I plan to make into a print. Now I just need to clear off a wall to hang it on. Well enough for now, I need to go do something about this sore tooth, maybe go outside and pull some weeds to take my mind off it. Much rather do that then call a dentist. Yikes!!


3 thoughts on “Daylily opens

  1. Too bad about your sore tooth. They can be painful and most annoying. Your photo came out nice. I just got back from the eye doctor and am a bit worried because I have a very small retina tear. They are keeping an eye on it before doing any surgery or using any medication. My right eye is very blurry right now. I am hoping it does not cause an issue with my photography or art.

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    1. Oh hope the eye gets better and my tooth is ok after a bit of aspirin. I think that I had something stuck between the teeth and my flossing might have been a bit too hard. Thanks for the comment.


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