How is your garden growing??

Cleaned rows.
Cleaned rows.

It is now the end of June, so I suppose it would be a good time for a garden update. James likes to measure the garden progress based on if the corn is knee-high at the 4th of July, but since we didn’t plant corn this year, we have no measuring stick. So far the weeds haven’t been as bad as other years. I imagine it helps that we planted far enough apart to allow the little motorized tiller to fit between the rows. I was going to do that this morning, but opted for a visit to the chiropractor. When I got home, he was in the garden with the tiller going between the rows of zinnias. In the picture to the left you see the beets, two rows of beans and two rows of zinnias. On the far left are the carrots, but there are not enough of them up to see that they are there. The blob of weeds on the middle right of the picture is actually a bunch of weeds growing around a single onion that was a volunteer. I have this, “kill no volunteer” rule as of late, and that is what gave me all the sunflowers this year.

Garden as viewed from the west June 30, 2016
Garden as viewed from the west June 30, 2016

At the bottom of the picture is one stalk of dill, sort of out of place as you can see from the picture to the right. What isn’t showing at the bottom of this first picture is the zucchini that I snuck into the garden when James wasn’t looking. Really how can we have a garden without zucchini?

The rest of the garden is doing fine. There are three rows of cosmos, the tomatoes and the peppers are doing ok. I have even found several of both actually growing and not just the blooms, which is positive for this time of year. The cucumbers are doing a nice job of crawling up their fence, but the dill and the sunflowers have been the show stealers for now.

Drying dill
Drying dill

I have even cut some of the dill and dehydrated it, but I don’t know what will happen to the majority of it. This is far too early for dill. Paulina wants me to pickle some carrots, so maybe I will check at the grocery store for some 2# or 5# bags of carrots to see if I could get a few pints done up. I usually put them right in with the cucumbers when I pickle them, so I would use the same recipe. If I do, I will keep track and share the results.

Not much else to share, hope you all have Happy Gardening!!


4 thoughts on “How is your garden growing??

    1. Thanks! Once you get dill started it grows like a weed and tries to take over which is what is happening in my garden. We even till it down a couple of times each year, but I also let it seed out each fall and that is the difference.

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