Odd plants

Poinsettia is alive!
Poinsettia is alive!

Today I will share a couple of odd or unusual plants for me to be growing. The first is a poinsettia. It was given to our church at Christmas time last year. My grandmother Lizzie was always able to keep her poinsettia and have it grow outside in the summer. I don’t think she had them for more than a year or two at a time, but she was able to keep them alive. I also did when I was in high school and right after college, but have not had any luck in the past few years. This year, I took the thing home and set it in the basement. I watered it until all of the leaves fell off then I ignored it. Lo and behold about April, I noticed a small bud. I began giving it water every now and then and it is now living on my porch growing a bit more each day. I am stunned and actually a bit afraid to get too attached.

Prairie Rose in pink
Prairie Rose in pink

The other plant that I will share is the wild prairie rose. This is the state flower of North Dakota and we are not quite sure how it ended up here. I may have planted it but don’t really remember doing it, and I sort of think that I would have chosen a different place if I had. The post that is here used to be part of the summer volleyball net holder and has never been moved. I suspect a bird sat on the post and expelled a rose hip taken from another plant somewhere in a pasture around here and magic, we have a plant growing. It has bloomed a few times and I am excited about what it will look like as it continues to grow and spread. Perhaps we will end up with an arch, but if it gets that big we might be thinking of moving it. For now, I am thinking we will just enjoy. At least James likes it enough not to mow it off. Hurrah, and Happy Gardening to you!!


4 thoughts on “Odd plants

  1. I wish I’d kept my poinsettia after it lost all its leaves! I threw it out. Next year if I get one I’ll tuck it in the greenhouse and see if it comes back. Every year I get one, and every year I end up throwing it out about February. Maybe I’ll start something new this year.

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