Lovely day off, July 4th

Garden view from the porch.
Garden view from the porch.

The weather today is beautiful if not just a “tish” hot. It is great for swimming or boating or any sort of outdoors sort of things. Paulina is off to work at the pool, which is open for free swimming today in celebration of the July 4th holiday. I cleaned up the porch (picture on lucindalines) and we will likely have a bit of a picnic here about supper time. James is still in Westfield with his sister Alvina and the rest of the Haak family. Paulina and I headed home right after the parade, so she could make it to the pool in time for the weekly “big” cleaning. I guess in some cases Monday is still Monday.

Morning glories are climbing the strings.
Morning glories are climbing the strings.

As long as you are here I will show you a few pictures of the gardens around here. The picture on the top is the view from the couch if you are sitting on the porch. Off to the right is a peek at how the morning glories have agreed to use the string I hung for them to climb up. One may hit the top later this week. Not sure where it will go from there but it will be fun to watch. Below is Sophia sprawled out on the floor last night. She is in nearly the same position today. She was outside with me earlier, but decided it was just a little too hot today. Roger is hiding under the table. She does not appreciate the fireworks that is actually pretty quiet today.

Sophia relaxing
Sophia relaxing

Last night we should have done a recording. No one will believe how long it went on if we tell them. Oh well, all in the spirit of fun and celebration of Independence. I think our resident “soon to be history teacher” would like to make people pass a quiz on the Revolution before they are allowed to shoot off any fireworks. At least that was how I took some of her indignation last night. Let’s just say it was a long July 3rd. Hope your 4th was fun!!


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