Garden and yard: post July 4th

Vegetable garden with hay field in the distance.
Vegetable garden with hay-field in the distance.

Yesterday was a busy day of watering and weeding. If you are followers, you have already read all about that day. Today I am just waiting around to head to Jamestown to spend the night and participate in the parade with Jessica. We are meeting Victoria and the grandchildren in Sterling to finish the trip which should be a good time. In the meantime, I thought I should share a bit of how things look today. Still no actual rain. The yards are beginning to dry up, but when you check out the huge bales of hay in the background you realize this is the time of year to put up hay, so it is expected to be dry for a spell. If it is continues for another week or two things will be bad not just for the gardeners and yard owners, but for the farmers trying to salvage a crop.

Potatoes in bloom
Potatoes in bloom

Anyway, the pictures above and below and around should give you an idea of what is happening here in the heart of July in the Heartland of America. Our potatoes are in bloom, so I need to get a bit more diligent in putting the hose out to them if we want to have a crop that is larger than an egg. As I mentioned a few posts ago, things are getting to be bone dry in the garden area. I know the compost needs to be dug into the main part of the garden this fall before the snow hits.

Fake seagulls guarding my dead rose bush. Oh by the way, the rose bush mentioned on the neglected gardens post has been cleaned up and I found a bloom on it, bright red. I take it as a sign and I will be cleaning it more faithfully!!
Fake seagulls guarding my dead rose-bush.

Not much more to say, but have included a last picture of the Seagulls in front of my peonies. I keep trying to grow a rose-bush there, but am not having much luck the past two years. A few days ago I posted about a Neglected Garden, which is at my mother’s house. I finally felt so guilty that I went there chopped the elm sucker tree out of the blooming bush and cleaned up the rose-bush, while doing that I found it had actually bloomed. I was so excited. I didn’t take a picture because the flower was fading, but I have hope now that it is a viable bush and so will have to take a little better care of it in the future. It also looks like a climber, so maybe I need to put up a trellis. I bet that will go over really well with the sister who does the mowing in that area. Ha!! Happy Gardening to you all, and be sure to check out lucindalines for an update on the lazy cats and other family information.


2 thoughts on “Garden and yard: post July 4th

  1. Seagulls? Do you live near a large body of water? Yes, your garden does look extremely dry to my eyes. But I know the farmers will be glad to “make hay while the sun shines”.

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    1. Crazy as it sounds we have lots of gulls here, we actually call them landgulls. The ones in the picture are fake. I picked them up at an auction sale a few weeks back. They have a peg in the bottom that keep them in place.


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