Gardens in Jamestown on the parade route

IMG_8175Today James and Paulina and I were in Jamestown to join Jessica in walking the White Cloud Buffalo Day Parade to campaign for re-election to the North Dakota House of Representatives from District 12. She was first elected to the position 4 years ago, and there is a post on lucindalines in Nov. of 2012 explaining all of that. We were all pretty excited to be walking the route again today. Victoria and her children were all along and it was a great Friday evening together and a fun day at the parade.

Jessica giving out dog treats
Jessica giving out dog treats. Friend Lindsey is showing off the t-shirts we were wearing for the occasion.

As we were walking, Jessica was passing out dog treats. I took a few pictures of her and various dogs, but I also grabbed a couple of pictures of some of the pretty gardens we saw in the early part of the walk.

The parade is in honor of the albino buffalo that was born in the area and lived at the National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown at their Frontier Village. The female buffalo has since been retired to a farm. She had several calves one was also white. More information on the museum and White Cloud can be found at:

Happy Gardening to you all!!


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