More on gardens and parade

Victoria and Paulina walking the parade for their big sister.
Victoria and Paulina walking the parade for their big sister. They tossed candy as they walked.

I posted a few pictures from the parade in Jamestown yesterday, but not nearly all of what I took. I actually should have taken more for Jessica to use, but of course, I forgot to change my batteries and my memory card is nearly full again. I guess one of my “to-do’s” for this week will be to download a disc full of pictures again to wipe off the card for another go round. Today I am sharing the first of the garden pictures that I snapped on the route. This garden caught my eye when we drove into town on Friday night and just happened to be on the route. It is in the heart of town very close to Main Street, but oh so well cared for. The walkers on the side are Victoria with Ana and Paulina with David. What a good little boy. He could have been a fuss budget, but he rode in that buggy the whole way sleeping most of it. Ana was awake through the entire parade and then up for grabbing candy when we finished. We were in position 9 of something like 70 entries, so there was plenty of time to grab candy when we were through. Jaxon opted for a seat in the pontoon which was on the trailer being pulled as the float. He didn’t seem to mind riding as long as he could catch candy at the end. He had a full bucket to take home. More of those pictures later this week on lucindalines. For today I have left a copy of my message from this morning. Hope you all enjoy and Happy gardening to you!!


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