Sure not dry anymore

Grass is thinking of turning back to green and more rain clouds all around.
Grass is thinking of turning back to green and more rain clouds all around.

So we finally had a shot of rain. There were predictions of storms to the north on Saturday with a thought that we would be hit really badly on Sunday. Fortunately what we got was rain, and more rain and more rain and then a bit of rain. On Saturday some said around one fourth an inch, some said a little more. As we were picking up supper at the local Drive In on Sunday night we heard maybe over one half an inch. Of course our gauge showed over an inch, and now James really doesn’t believe it.

Zucchini plants are  surrounded by mud
Zucchini plants are surrounded by mud

Well it began to rain on Sunday evening. It blew and rained and there was a bit of hail, but more of the soft mushy chunks than anything serious. Wishek had some serious wind damage with tree branches down all over. We had three plus inches of rain. The wind was fierce and the lights flashed off a couple of times, but for the most part it was good. The rain was not steady, but real strong for a time than it would quit then start again. About 5 a.m. it was back again. When I went to check the rain gauge this morning we were at about three and one half inches. I dumped it then it rained again. Paulina was thinking they would have to close the pool for the day, but just before 1 p.m. the sun came out and she went to work the full day. It rained over the supper hour then she went back to work because just before 7 p.m. the sun was out again. They were finished early though since no one came and the clouds looked a little ominous for a time.

All in all, it was wonderful to have that much moisture for the crops. The only negative is that there are a few swampy areas in town including my aunt Glenda’s back yard and our campsite. Wow I didn’t know we had puddles like that over there. I guess it was bad enough to shut down some of the work on the pipeline in the area. I think that is one of the first days they have been rain delayed, so they are doing pretty well.


2 thoughts on “Sure not dry anymore

  1. So glad to hear you got some rain. We’ve had two evenings with a good down pour each night, but we’re back to hot and humid with only 20% chances of rain a few days for the next 10 days. Good thing the rain barrels filled.

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