Go figure…


I cannot understand how I can grow some types of plants and not others. I suspect it has to do with watering techniques, but that might not be all of it. So, earlier this year I mentioned that a poinsettia has come back from the dead for me this year. Hip hip hooray! On the other hand what should be a simple potted plant looks like a mess of green spaghetti tossed in a pot. James received the plant from his boss as did everyone who works in the special education department in their school. It was blooming when he brought it home from school. We put it out with the rest of the plants after it seemed that it wasn’t liking the house much. It did fine for a time, then it appeared to get too dry, so we watered it. We also had to pull it off the shelf every now and then because it tended to fall off with a little wind. We are forever taking the plants down then putting them back. I find that the larger ones are ok if I keep them watered so there is a bit of weight to the pot. This is for sure a time when you want to put some rocks in the bottom rather than something that is weightless. Oh by the way, the sickly looking plant is an Impatiens. I think it knows that I have no patience for it. Not much else to mention today. I did peak around the garden and picked about 8 peas and 1 green bell pepper. I was going to share a picture and before I could snap one, I had cleaned them all and dropped them into the pan of stir fry. Boy were they good. It will taste better when we can repeat using peas and peppers while adding garden fresh beans and zucchini. O yummy! Happy gardening to you. O as for the supper, Paulina said the chicken was overcooked in the stir fry. I think I am not cooking the rest of the week. HA!


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