Who’s been in my garden?

Sunflower stalk with no leaves.
Sunflower stalk with no leaves.

So the sunflower leaves have been disappearing. I have been silly enough to believe that we have some sort of sunflower bug and need to find a spray. Today, the second day of sunshine after our really nice rain, I took a tour of the garden. The ground is still a bit soft, but not muddy anymore, at least not in most of it. Well, I found that though there might be a few bugs (we have some young grasshoppers) doing some nibbling in the center of the leaves, there is nothing buggy about what is eating the entire leaf off the plant.

Not a reindeer hoof print.
Not a reindeer hoof print.
Sunflowers starting to bloom!!
Sunflowers starting to bloom!!

Here is what I found in the dirt in a very interesting line from the side of the garden where the dill is the thinnest right past the cosmos and the zinnias and out beside the zucchini. None of those leaves must be very tasty, thankfully, and the funny thing is not one much out of the dill. I know what they don’t like. Anyway as you can see to the right these are deer prints. James and I, well mostly James, ended up putting the rest of the fence on the south side of the garden. He took it off to do the tilling last fall, and had not put it back up. I don’t know that a partial fence will stop the deer from entering the garden now that it has found the taste of the sunflowers. Those goofy things have been more trouble then they are worth. Well, the positive is that they make the garden look like it is full of something big and exciting, and as you can see on the left, they are starting to bloom. I imagine the squirrels will be climbing up them for the seeds soon. If the birds don’t get there first. Of course, we may have less of that this year. I understand a few of my neighbors have been finding both birds and squirrels dead from someone shooting them. I sure hope for their sakes that I never catch someone in the act. I may forget that I am a Pastor who is supposed to be nice to others.


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