More flowers are blooming

Earlier I showed off my lilies and clematis and peonies in bloom, but now we have come to the beginning of the cosmos reign. These plants start blooming at this time of year, and pretty much hang on until the frost hits. IMG_8224I love cosmos almost more for their foliage than for their flowers. If you look at the picture to the left, you see the stray, “Mama” kitty photo bombing. Because of the yellow tint to her tabby stripes, she looks to be a descendant of a very tame male cat that I had around the yard a few years back that I called “Screamer” because he had such a loud meow. He would let me pet him and was just the nicest cat, but like all the stray males, he disappeared that fall. This mother had four kittens, but the neighbors found one dead in their drive way. We all suspect a male in the area. I just hope the other survive and we can find them soon to tame them and find them some homes.

In the meantime we have some interesting colors in the hollyhocks this   year. I have three samples to show you. The first one is a normal medium pink color, but the middle one is such an interesting lemon yellow. I don’t believe I have had that color bloom here before and I just love the last one, which almost looks like a couple of plants crossed themselves into making a new color. These particular blossoms are starting to fade on the light pink, but you still get the idea of the color. IMG_8223 IMG_8222 IMG_8221

I may have to be careful how I label the seeds as I harvest them this year. I may start working on a few experiments of getting them to perfect their colors over time. Oh but the question of that will be where to find the next bed to grow them. I know of a house that could use some color, but I suspect the people who mow there would not be too happy to find a whole crop of flower plants to work around, and add to that, they know how to use chemical spray to end the weed eating. I am not saying any names, but that mower person is a grass only sort of worker. I guess maybe I should put more effort into cleaning out the flower gardens in that area. Ha!!. Hope you have enjoyed the little pictures of my currently blooming flowers. For some information on how other things going on around here be sure to stop by my lucindalines site. Happy Gardening to you!!


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