Herb gardening in pots


Here is a bit of news on how the herb gardening is going in the pots on the front patio area. Basically it is not going so well. The flowers are doing wonderfully in the same area, and the vegetables (that aren’t being eaten by deer) are doing reasonably well in the back garden, but these pots are dragging behind. I am blaming myself for using pots that are a bit small and not filling them with potting soil quite as high as maybe I should have before I put the seeds in. I also wasn’t the best about getting them into the warmth of the sun early on. I was too busy trying to protect them from the wind and the hail. Alas, I may end up with some parsley and sage and a basil leaf or two, so who am I to complain.


I have noticed that the lettuce I put in one of the larger pots is doing fairly well, but we won’t be feeding too many on what it is producing. This is seriously the container that I messed up with in terms of not using enough soil. Paulina laughed and said I should turn it over to the bunnies for a meal. As in 1 meal.

Enough for now, it is getting late and I just wanted to touch base today. Paulina and I were on an out-of-town shopping spree today. We probably blew all of the profits that I will gain from our little campsite in one trip, but it was worth the items we bought and the fun we had. More on the trip over on my other site, lucindalines. In the meantime, Happy Gardening to you!!


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