Hot and getting hotter

The sunflowers are a blooming
The sunflowers are a blooming

At one point yesterday, the bank thermometer said 93 degrees F. Today when Paulina came home from the pool, she said the temperature hit over 100. All I know is that it was HOT! The garden still looks fine and the cucumbers are loving this heat. I would like to fertilize when James waters in the morning. It would be good for the plants to have a bit of food with their water considering that they will be in for some heat and if it does not rain, we will likely be watering heavily every other day. Interestingly enough it was a bit hazy this morning. There was moisture in the air, but not enough to cause a fog, just enough to make the heat feel oppressive. Later this evening when the softball girls played, the air was so heavy the ball just sort of hung on the good hits. More garden pictures later.

One of the ladies from Louisiana at the campsite when she called about the power surging said, she didn’t realize that we had this sort of summer in our area. Oh yes we do. We maybe have cold winters, but we have heat in the summer. I would say we are one of THE places where we for sure know the difference of the four seasons. Sometimes spring is short and we go from winter on Thursday to summer on Tuesday, but we have the two extremes in the worst way some years. It has also been said on some occasions that a mild summer equals a mild winter and the converse of that is also true. If that is the case, we could be in for some cold. The positive about that is the trees go dormant and stay that way, and especially if there is a snow cover, they turn out better than on a mild winter. Hopefully we have lots of snow and cold, and no spring dew and fog so that we have a decent plum harvest for a change. For now the apple trees appear to be putting out a heavy crop. Only problem is I need to be willing to prune. If a tree is going to produce 50 pounds of fruit, it would be better to have it on less apples instead of more because it would mean less loss to cores. Well enough of all my carrying on. We do have the grandkids at our house, and James and I took a little time to take them to the pool yesterday. I have a story and pictures on that at my other site: lucindalines. Enough for now and Happy Gardening to you.


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