Flower garden late July update

Echinacea in bloom.
Echinacea in bloom.

The flower garden is continuing to evolve. Currently the most exciting parts are the Echinacea in bloom and the morning glories are to the top of their strings in a few places. The lilies have all finished blooming and died away, but the holly hocks are in full bloom nearly to the top.

Morning glories climbing the vines.
Morning glories climbing the vines.

I put up some strings around the largest batch, and it has helped to keep them from falling over in the wind.

Morning glory
Morning glory

This picture to the far right includes the pot of sage in the white container. It is growing pretty well. I have had to move all of the herb pots out of the wind and south sun area for now until the heat dissipates. The morning glories are so pretty in the morning, as in duh LuCinda, that is their name, but with the heat, we don’t always take the time to go outside to look at them. I have tried to grow moon flowers in the past, but with no success.

James has been doing a great job of watering everything in the morning when he goes out to do his daily walk or run or bike. He turns on the sprinkler or lays the hose in a section of the flowers or both. The past few days we have also been watering for the neighbors who are away at church camp. I was over there yesterday and the weeds were calling to me to give them a pull and I would have loved to dig right in, but with Jaxon and Ana here, I am not doing any of that even in our garden. Jaxon is severely allergic to mosquito bites, so we do our best to keep him protected with bug spray and by keeping away from problem areas. The town has been spraying in the evenings much more this summer than last, and it has made a world of difference. Not much else to share at the moment. For more information on the time with Jaxon and Ana check out my site at: lucindalines. We went to the garden this morning and I will post a bit of what we found there. Take care and Happy gardening.



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