More garden picking

Jaxon and Ana counting up the garden produce for the day.
Jaxon and Ana counting up the garden produce for the day.

Just a quick post today. This afternoon when it got a bit hotter, and we were hoping the mosquito activity had died out a bit, we headed for the garden with the grandchildren. I normally do NOT like dousing children in chemical sprays, but with Jaxon it is not a choice. We have been so careful with him this week, and yesterday afternoon when it was super hot, we decided to take a chance of running through the sprinkler for just a few minutes. Well, of course a mosquito found him, and never would they bite him on the leg or arm or even a toe. Nope it is straight for the face with that boy. He now has a cheek that makes him look like he went through a root canal, and they have family pictures next weekend. Hopefully all will be reduced and taken care of by them. So today, I pulled out the spray and put a little on his hand and let him do up his face a bit, so we didn’t get a second one to make things worse. He so very badly wanted another chance at the garden produce and hurrah for him, he found almost everything that we came back with in the basket. I had him line things up largest to smallest and take a count. There were 2 cucumbers today, 4 purple peppers and 3 green ones, and with the tomatoes from yesterday we were well over 30 of the little things. I am guessing by next week we will be picking like crazy. Yipee!! More of what Jaxon and Ana did while visiting is on my other site: lucindalines. That is all for now and Happy Gardening to you!!


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