More blooms to share

Zinnias blooming
Zinnias blooming
Favorite color of zinnia
Favorite color of zinnia

Yesterday I shared a picture of the back of the garden and if you looked closely between the sunflowers, you could see the zinnias. Today I have a picture of the zinnias with the beans in front of them. Off to the right is a little picture of one bloom. The pinks are pretty and seem to really attract the pollinators, but my eyes tend to stop on the whiter colors. This one has a hint of green to its hue. You probably can’t see it too well, but the beans are in full bloom. I am hoping that in a few days, I will be able to do some picking and we will be able to enjoy some garden fresh fried beans by the end of the week. I was really hoping to get into the garden and do some weeding today, but not a chance.

Hosta in bloom!
Hosta in bloom!

James and I mowed at the campsite this morning, and by the time we were finished going around everything over there it was noon. (It also hit 95 degrees today, no outside for me when it is that hot.) After lunch he packed up to head to Fargo for the coaches clinic. He thinks this is his last year on the advisory committee for track and field, and as he is close to retirement, next year might be his last clinic. Wow! Makes a person think back to the beginning of our teaching career, we never thought it would end. One last picture, the hosta on the north side of the house is in bloom. Always one of the late summer flowers for us. I suppose it would be about time that I plant some fall blooming flowers so that the colors in the yard keep going. That is about all for now, Happy Gardening to you!


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