_MG_8404Finally I can look out at the garden from either the east bathroom window or the west door of my bedroom and see my favorite flower. The cosmos are in bloom. Paulina captured the picture to the right a few days ago. It actually looks like a painting that is peeling, but nonetheless I think it is beyond beautiful. I like them almost more for their lacy foliage than for their flowers. They also have a nice smell if you get right into them. These and the zinnias have really been a great attraction for the pollinators into the garden this year. What I have not noticed is any cabbage worms turning into white butterflies. I suppose I didn’t plant anything for the worms to eat so that has eliminated that species from my garden. Hurrah actually. We do have lots of grasshoppers in the grass and on the raspberries. This is where a few hens would be wonderful. Maybe next year I will get brave.

IMG_8477 Paulina also snapped a different angle of the Echinacea. I forgot to tell her that they were back and blooming. For some reason they didn’t come up last year. I don’t know if the daisies crowded them or what, but I did trip off the dead daisies this year and that has sort of helped some of the other plants in that area.

IMG_8485In the meantime, here is what I picked from the garden last night. I ate all of the purple beans for supper. I fried them in butter and loved every savory bite. Of course by the time they were finished cooking they were green, go figure. I added a purple pepper and those beets in the picture. Yummy!!! I have a little bit of lettuce also in the basket, but something has been in the lettuce pot ripping it up. James thinks it is the same pesky squirrel who got all of the strawberries. Dang rat!! The tomatoes are huge if you can’t see them very well. I have to get that same type again next year, but many more. The tomato soup row is nearly empty in the basement and with only a few plants, I will not be able to replenish much of the area. Oh well enough for now. I have a picture of a female Northern Woodpecker (ant eating) on my lucindalines site. It says I am not sure what the bird is, but I did a search and found out its species. Catch you later.


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