Climbers hit the top!

One vine is at the top.
One vine is at the top.

You are probably wondering if I have any flowers other than the morning glories. I just looked back and found this same area in posts on: July 21, July 4 and June 21. There may have been more, but I gave up on looking. I admit that I am a bit obsessed with this area, but I love how it has turned out. The really fun part is sitting under the porch roof looking out through the strings when it is raining or windy. It gives one a feeling of shelter and protection. Now to figure out how to accomplish that on the north side of the main porch.

Escape hatch
Escape hatch

I keep thinking that we need to screen in the whole porch, yet I am not willing to give up the protection that it affords the cats when they feel threatened. This picture off to the right shows how they are able to get from the porch railing to the second level with a bit of a jump. There is just enough of an opening for them to sit and look out at the world or escape to the upper level for protection from dogs or children chasing after them. It is not really a good escape from other cats, but I have been able to scoot them inside my bedroom from the door on that level when they are being harassed late at night. This morning Roger was chasing something in the yard, and I had to leave my chair to check it out. Apparently she was clearing out the squirrels.

Roger relaxing in the house away from the squirrels.
Roger relaxing in the house away from the squirrels.

They turned on her and she came onto the porch in a flash. It was almost funny except, I do expect her to clear the yard of unwanted critters, and any squirrels coming in and eating my strawberries or lettuce meets that criteria. Now those of you who have read some of my posts this summer might say, “What about the pictures of the squirrel on the high line pole, or the one by the pond.” Well those areas are ok by me, but my food bins are not. I hope you are seeing the irony in these points. Squirrels and deer and other animals go where they are attracted, so I may need to get a mean dog or something to keep them all out of the yard. On the other hand, my own crabby voice might just be enough. I am starting to sound more and more like my mother or either of my grandmothers each day. This morning I caught a couple of little boys turning around in my mother’s back yard. I have to say, I was not so friendly towards them. I suppose their parents might say I wasn’t very neighborly. I think I was more upset with the parents. These were young, young children driving around town on a golf cart. When they left here, they went towards the area of the elevator. Hopefully those driving semi-trucks slow down enough to notice them. Well, that is my rant for the day, Happy Gardening to you!!


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