Harvest is happening

Basketful of goodies, but this angle doesn't show it all.
Basketful of goodies, but this angle doesn’t show it all.

This year we had decided not to garden. We were positive that we would let the garden plot lie dormant, empty, as in give it a year of rest. It didn’t take too long for us to think of how the weeds would take over and though we didn’t want to plant grass, we didn’t want to have to till it constantly, so we opted to fill it with flowers. Early in the spring when we were about to till in order to plant the zinnias and cosmos and maybe some marigolds, we noticed something growing. Thinking it was volunteer zinnias, we decided to leave them, and we tilled around the little buggers. They turned out to be sunflowers, one of which is now 10 foot high, and they have attracted a deer to the garden for a late night snack. Jaxon and Ana loved the sunflowers because there was just enough room between them for two little tikes to run and chase each other. If only I had just left well enough alone.

Beans green and purple
The rest of the harvest was these green and purple beans.
The harvest of the day, well with the beans on the next picture.
The harvest of the day. the tomato in the center weighed in at 14 oz.

Then one day when we were in a farm store to pick up something, I don’t remember what, I went through the green house. I found a few pepper and tomato plants. Then I went inside and found seeds to grow purple beans and the plans were altered again. At home I found my old package of cucumbers and here we are today with a harvest of sorts. The tomatoes are not enough to start the boiler and make a batch of soup, and the beans won’t get out the pickling spices, but there is enough to make a wonderful supper and take a few of the left overs to church tomorrow to put on the back table and have people donate to others in need as they take a cucumber or tomato home to nibble. Oh yes, and I did sneak in a couple of zucchini hills. I guess you just can’t retire this old gardener. I went outside this morning to hang out the clothes then to see if I could find any beans for supper. I came in with a little more than I expected. Happy Gardening to You!!


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