More produce

What a day! James said the humidity was at 99 percent. I believe it. I have been hot this summer and hot in other summers, but I don’t think that I sweat when I breathed as I did today. I ended up working in one of the houses that our mother left us today, and the poor little window air-conditioner was way over its head with that heat. I finally gave up and turned it off. It didn’t help that I was washing silverware and cleaning the refrigerator and moving drawers around. I guess sorting through things would make more sense at my place where there is central air, but that is not how things always go.

Probably the hottest was when I came home and went to the garden to check on what needed to be picked today. Well having stayed out of the garden yesterday, I found lots to pick today. It was, again, so terribly hot. I was tempted to go inside and put on a tank top or my swimsuit to grab some rays as I was picking, but I didn’t want to scare any of the neighbors when they looked outside. It is bad enough that we have an older gentleman in the neighborhood who mows shirtless. Now if it…. I erased the rest of that comment, best to keep some thoughts to myself…

picks of the day
Picks of the day

So when I finally finished picking the cucumbers, which must have been hiding on Saturday when I picked, I turned the hose on them. Our finance person in town keeps notifying me about leaks on the jointly owned property. I would guess some of that is from the campers being on continually. If we have a notice here this month I will know that it is from the watering I did today. Crazy wild. I just laid the hose under the plants and let it go. Hopefully the leaves look a bit less wilted tomorrow. I think on Wednesday before we head to Jamestown, I will get out the fertilizer for one last summer hit.

I feel a bit guilty tonight after the message I gave yesterday and posted on the lucindalines site. It was all about sharing, and I mentioned that I don’t feel like I share enough, and I don’t. Well tonight I had the chance to make that up, and I didn’t take it. Our neighbor [she is the one just learning how to garden] called to ask if she could have some jalapeno peppers. Last year I gave her several peppers of all kinds that I had. This year I didn’t plant very many, and now don’t have any to share. In fact, there are barely any off the plants at this time. I won’t be caught without peppers next year.

Not much else to say. If I get finished up in time, I will post the picture of the snapping turtle we saw yesterday on my lucindalines site. I thought it was huge. Take care and Happy Gardening to you!!


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