Friday playing in the yard with the grandchildren!!

James and Jaxon with the bike.
James and Jaxon with the bike.

On Friday when Nate and Victoria and the grandchildren were here, we spent the day playing in the yard. It started with picking in the garden and advanced to James working with Jaxon on riding a bike without training wheels. It was not totally successful, but it was a hoot to see both him and Ana in their helmets. I had forbidden Paulina and Victoria to post any pictures of Ana on Jessica’s big wheel trike, but I just can’t help using it. As Jaxon would say her looks too crazy with that helmet sitting on that trike. And even though she couldn’t reach the wheels, she got around pretty well. I also think it is pretty amazing that the trike given to Jessica by Grandma Patsy and Grandpa Raymond has survived all these years and still works. I believe Jessica was about this size when she first rode it inside our house in Jamestown.

Ana on the big wheel
Ana on the big wheel
David at supper
David at supper

David did not get to ride any bikes or trikes, but he tried to crawl all through the grass. We finally had to go inside because of the mosquitos. We had bug spray on the kids, but it didn’t last, and when it started getting hot, we opted for the comfort of the inside. Besides that we wanted to watch some of the Olympics. Later in the evening we had a little birthday party for Ana. I have more on that over on my lucindalines site.


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