A buzzard in the tree!!

Twisting its head to take a look at me.

Actually it is only in North America that we us the vulgar term buzzard. Paulina is having a fit that I change this title, but I happened to like the feel of saying the word buzzard compared to the more formal term of vulture. The whole point of this post is to show the pictures of the turkey vulture that I was able to get a couple of days ago. We saw at least three of them land in the trees behind the dike, but only one was out in the open, and none of them were moving so that I could capture them in flight. I still say we need a bigger zoom. This first picture makes it look like the vulture is looking at me. I was on the dike trying to get closer and possibly make it move, but this one was not getting off its branch.

Turkey Vulture relaxing in the tree.
Turkey Vulture relaxing in the tree.

The second picture is the same bird, but I angled it differently to get the live tree behind it, and that is why it looks like a different shot completely. I was a bit afraid to let the cats out when I knew there were three of these buzzards out there, but seriously they don’t attack live animals, rather they look to eat up the carrion that is lying around. I wonder what they smelled in the area to draw them here. Hopefully we don’t have to find out any time soon. Ha!! Finally as long as I was outside with the camera, I turned around and took a few pictures of the garden from the dike.

near perfect sunflower
near perfect sunflower

The lone sunflower close to the zinnias is really pretty, actually it is the most perfectly formed flower of the group. Hopefully it survives all the storms and animals. I am afraid that the tallest one, which I found face planted after the storm on Tuesday, might just have been taken out by the deer instead of the storm. From the evidence inside the garden, and the seeming path, I pretty much suspect the deer. Silly sunflowers, I didn’t plant them, pretty much didn’t want them, yet they make the garden look like it is really producing something amazing. I may have to find a special area for them in the future, and leave the garden for the produce that goes on the table. Well that is all for now, time to watch a bit of steeple chase at Rio, glad to see my couch is still there in the front row. Oh wait, I will have to finish those tomatoes sometime today. If you are interested, I have posted some stories about our time at Story Book Land with the grandchildren over on lucindalines.


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