Storm issues

Willow branches scattered on the ground.
Willow branches scattered on the ground.

With all the time I have spent on my front seat on the couch watching the Olympics, I have not taken the time to share any of the pictures of the storm damage last Tuesday. It is hard to post pertinent posts when your brain is in Rio, that is all I will say. It was a week ago today that we had some pretty wild winds, like between 60-90 in terms of gusts. It was crazy. I stayed around the yard on Wednesday morning instead of hurrying to the church office, and helped pick up some of the debris. James and Kathy finished off the work in our mother’s yard and Aunt Glenda’s and some of Kathy’s. All in all James said he took five loads of branches to the dump ground. They also spent quite a bit of time vacuuming up the broken glass in Glenda’s yard because her patio table turned over and the glass top shattered. I don’t understand why those don’t come with Plexiglas in the first place. We had to replace ours way back in the 1990’s and we have not had to worry about it shattering after that.

Broken trees.
Broken trees.

Last night when I was in the back yard at my mother’s place I noticed that both of the trees beside the shop have some severe damage. The one that we initially thought was fine is split down the middle. I am wondering if we need to consider doing some real severe trimming on them. The closer of the two is already showing that the top is dead. The leaves have turned yellow and are drying up. So sad, these were well-trimmed and such nice Ash trees. The problem is at this time of year they are full of seeds and that makes the branches more susceptible to damage because there is so much weight on the branches. Below are individual pictures starting with the closer tree which is more to the north.

south tree
north tree
south tree
south tree

Any ideas, I would be interested in hearing them. Any solutions would also be great. This is all I have today. The laundry is calling my name and perhaps it would be a good idea to do something tangible today. Happy Gardening to all of you.



2 thoughts on “Storm issues

  1. I know I owe James and Kathy big time for all the work they did in my yard. All I can do right now is say thank you! It is appreciated more than you can know!


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